Main achievements
The most important achievement of the both Uruguayan men’s and women’s teams is the fact that they qualified to all the World Championships since the one in Brazil back in 2006.

Qualification to the World Championship in Kazan
The women’s team ended at the 2nd place at the Panamerican Championship in Oceanside, USA. It lost the final match against Brazil; but previously Uruguay didn´t lose a set in a total of 5 matches

Expectations regarding World Championship
This is going to be the third world championship for this coaching staff, which will try to learn from the past mistakes and go through the first group stage and then go as far as possible.

One thing to keep in mind: This team is going to play every game as if it is the last one.
Key Players
  • Camila Palomeque
  • Florencia Lachaise
  • Victoria Ramos