World Beach Handball Championship has started in Kazan16:09, 24.07.2018
World Beach Handball Championship has started in Kazan

On the 24th of July, the eighth world beach handball championship has started on the courts of the Palace of Water Sports in Kazan. The games began at nine o'clock in the morning according to local time.

In the men's tournament, there were eight games. In Group A, the current world champion, the Croatian team, and the Argentina’s national team took the lead. The Croatians outplayed Uruguay in their first match in three sets, winning only a shootout – 7:6. Argentina, in turn, defeated the Iranian team. This match also developed stubbornly, the Argentines broke resistance in the shootout as well (6:4).

In group B the status of the favorite was confirmed by the Spanish national team. The current European champion defeated the team of Vietnam – 2:0. The Hungarian team was also convincing. The Hungarians proved to be stronger than the national team of New Zealand – 2:0.

Group C did not bring any unexpected results at the beginning of the first game day. Denmark beat Oman – 2:0, and Qatar celebrated the victory with the same score over Australia. The national team of Russia began the home World Championship with a failure. The hosts of the tournament unexpectedly lost to the team of Sweden. Russian handball players won the first set, but they could not develop their success. The Swedes managed to overcome, and then snatched the victory in a shootout – 9:6. In another match of Group D, Brazil confidently defeated the USA – 2:0.

In the women's tournament there were also eight matches. In Group A, Spain and Paraguay have taken the lead, which beat Greece and Australia respectively with the same score – 2:1. In group B, the first victories were taken by the teams of Chinese Taipei and Poland, who beat Uruguay (2:1) and France (2:0).
In group C the status of the favorite was confirmed by the Brazilian national team. Three-time world champions have surpassed the team of Russia – 2:0. The national team of Thailand has also begun the performance at the World Championship with the victory, which was stronger than the USA – 2:0.

Finally, in group D, the national teams of Norway and Denmark took the lead. Scandinavian teams beat the national teams of Vietnam and Mexico with the same score – 2:0. At the moment, the competition continues.

Text: Artem Lisovsky

Photo: IHF/Stéphane Pillaud