Men's World Championships Final: Croatia vs Brazil 00:39, 29.07.2018
Men's World Championships Final: Croatia vs Brazil

Teams hunting for the Beach Handball World Championships medals in Kazan are finally decided! Gold in the men's competition will be contested between teams Croatia and Brazil.

On Saturday, Brazil defeated Sweden in two sets (17:14, 20:12). Thiago CLAUDIO and Wellingtton ESTEVES of team Brazil scored most goals and earned 10 points each.

Team Croatia met team Hungary in the semifinal. The Balkan team did not give the Hungarians any hope for success as the confidently won both sets (26:18, 28:22). Matej SEMREN from Croatia delivered the most fruitful game and gained 16 points.

The encounter of Croatia and Brazil will repeat the final of the previous world championships in Budapest. The Croats took the crown 2 years ago and earned a title of the best team on the planet.

Teams of Sweden and Hungary will fight for the third place.

Matches of the consolation round for 5-8th place were played prior to the semifinals. Team Spain met team IR Iran, and team Russia played against Denmark. At the end, the Spanish and Russians won their games with a score of 2-0 and 2-1 respectively.

Thus, Spain and Russia will compete for the 5th place, and IR Iran will contest the 7th place against Denmark.

Games for 5-8 places, as well as bronze match and the final will be played on 29 July.

Text: Artem Lisovsky

Photo:  HF/Stéphane Pillaud