Hungary claws the victory at the last seconds of the bronze match 18:30, 29.07.2018
Hungary claws the victory at the last seconds of the bronze match

Winner of the bronze medal is determined at the Beach Handball World Championships in Kazan. The third place of the championships was contested between teams of Hungary and Sweden.

The match was very dramatic and intense. Team Sweden dreamed of claiming bronze at their first entrance to the world championships. However, team Hungary did not let them climb the podium.

The Hungarians confidently won the first set – 18:12. Team Sweden managed to put up a great fight against the rivals at the second set. The Scandinavians took the lead from the outset of the second set. However, Hungarians evened the score by the end of the set. Seven seconds before the end of the set, Sweden was ahead their rivals – 16:15. The Hungarians delivered a quick attack that which accomplished by a precise throw in the net. Finally, team Hungary gained bronze of the world championships. Team of Sweden finished the competition on the 4th place.

The consolation round and games for the 5-8th places also wrapped up today. Team Denmark whitewashed team IR Iran in the game for the 7th place – 2:0. Team Russia lost their final game at the world championships. The Russians lost against team of Spain 0:2 in the match for the 5th place, the encounter that secured a berth at the 2019 World Beach Games.

Text: Artem Lisovsky
Photo:  HF/Stéphane Pillaud