First Main Round Matches Played at the World Championships in Kazan 18:12, 26.07.2018
First Main Round Matches Played at the World Championships in Kazan

Beach Handball World Championships is in full swing in Kazan. The main round matches attract most attention of spectators.
All in all, the morning session featured 12 matches both of men's and women's events.

 Main favourites of the Group I have started their fight. These are teams of Croatia and Spain. The reigning World and Europe Champions delivered confident victorious matches in the start games of the main round, as the Croats defeated Vietnam 2-0, and the Spanish won against IR Iran 2-0. Another match featured an encounter of Uruguay and Hungary. The Hungarian team clawed their victory at the shootout - 2-1.

 Croatia and Spain took the lead in Group I as they both earned 6 points.

 A discovery of the world championships, team of Sweden, continues its winning streak in Group II. The Scandinavians defeated the team of Oman in the first match of the main round - 2-0. Team Russia pleased their supporters as well. The team of Vladimir Poletaev and Vladimir Kalashinekov played against team Denmark and clawed out their victory after the shootout - 7-6.

 The Brazilian team won their first game. At the first round the Vice World Champion lost two battles that questioned their play-off berth. But the victory over Qatar - 2-0 - helped them make it to the next round.

 Sweden (6 points) and Russia (4 points) took the lead in Group II.

 In the women's tournament, team Spain reaffirmed its position. The reigning World Champion gained an upper hand over team Uruguay 0-2. In other games, team of Greece proved to be stronger than team Chinese Taipei (2-0), and Paraguay defeated Poland (2-1).

 Team Spain confidently tops the podium in Group I with 6 points.

 All teams claiming to make it to play offs in Group II defeated their rivals. Brazil was stronger than Vietnam – 2:1, Russia defeated Denmark – 2-0, and Norway gained an upper hand over Thailand – 2-0.

 Teams of Norway and Brazil both earned 6 points and lead in Group II. Team Russia gained 4 points.

 Day 3 of the World Championships goes on.

Text: Artem Lisovsky