A Sensational Victory of Team Greece in the World Championships Semifinal 00:43, 29.07.2018
A Sensational Victory of Team Greece in the World Championships Semifinal
Based on the outcome of the matches played on Saturday, 28 July, the teams to continue their medal hunt have been decided.

The main discovery and astonishment of the women's tournament was delivered by team Greece, the new entrant of the world championships. First, the Greek team won team Russia after three sets in the quarterfinal (20:25, 22:18, 12:10), and then whitewashed team Spain in the semifinal. At first, the reigning World Champion promised to confirm their status of the favourites. The Spanish won the first set 18-14, and then Greece turned the flo of the game. Unexpectedly enough, they won the second set – 18:16 – and continued the game in the shootouts. Here again, the Greek players were more lucky, as their goalkeeper delivered 4 saves. This let the Greeks to win, and the debutant of the world championships clawed their victory – 6:2.

Norway and Brazil played in another semifinal match. The Scandinavians managed to edge another favourite of the tournament. The Norwegians whitewashed the rivals in two sets 19-18, 22-20 and won the match.
Thus, gold of the world championships will be contested between teams Greece and Norway, while Spain and Brazil will fight for bronze.

The first matches of consolation round for 5-8 places between losers of the quarterfinals took place on Saturday. Team of Paraguay played against Poland, and Russia encountered Denmark. Both Poland and Denmark won their matches with the same score – 2-0.

Poland and Denmark will contest the 5th place, and Russia and Paraguay will fight for the 7th place.

 Games for 5-8 places, as well as bronze match and the final will be played on 29 July.

Text: Artem Lisovsky
Photo:  HF/Stéphane Pillaud